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8020 Engineering Limited

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80/20 Engineering Ltd


Building on the considerable industrial experience of the Nordic based group, Validus Engineering and leveraging 75+ years of

CAE knowledge of its founders, 80/20 Engineering’s headquarters

is in the UK, with a global focus on providing 'best in class' design based simulation solutions, quality technical support and consultative analysis services.


The Value 80/20 Engineering delivers:

Design Engineers need to evaluate many concepts quickly and easily so need a real alternative to traditional physical testing…


  »  CFD/CAE tools for Product Development


Some Flow/Thermal/Structural applications are very complex in nature and often companies just don’t possess the resources and/or competencies to perform in-house simulation….


 »  High Level Simulation (CAE) Consultancy



The 80/20 Engineering Mission:

Deliver real business value to companies in early stages of product/project development through the application of ‘best in class’ Simulation technology in the field of:



Flow and Thermal